Scan of artist’s first haircut
Printed on fine art archival paper
81.3 x 58.4cm

Exhibited in a group show at: 
House of Seiko
3109 22nd Street
San Francisco
CA 94110 (USA)
08.07.23 - 30.07.23

“Devotional Cache”

House of Seiko is pleased to present Devotional Cache, a guest curated exhibition by Alexander Goodwin featuring work by Guendalina Cerruti, Racheal Crowther, Steve Kahn, Mareiwa Miller, and Mel Paget.

In 1968, IBM created the first commercially available computer featuring a cache memory.

Utilizing spatial and temporal locality, the cache could predict and prefetch main memory data into a smaller and faster buffer memory, collapsing time and space.

Similarly, human memory employs spatial and temporal locality without explicit engineering. The human brain processes vast swaths of data–instincts, experiences, skills–abstract concepts for purposes that are not clearly discernible.

A cache is artificial memory: a latent process made invisible by its functionality. Memorialization crystalizes instinct, experience, and skill through representation.

Devotional Cache brings together five different artists of varying disciplines that explore art as mnemonic device. The works engage with archival and found objects, recontextualizing materials to posit memory as something fragmented, personal, and at times ambiguous.